Emergency Medicine - Suggested Questions and References. (Updated)

2018 Dec , 26
Emergency Medicine

We would like to thank the doctors who passed the Jordanian Board exam for sharing with us the references they studied for the Jordanian Board Exam which enabled them to succeed: 

  • Doctor Marwan Mohammed Jalal
  • Doctor Yasmeen hamed bastaki
  • Doctor Wasan Khalil AlTamimi

Suggested References:

  • 1200 Questions In Emergency Medicine
  • Peers 9, 8
  • Pearls Of Wisdom 3rd Edition
  • Peer Review 9th Edition
  • Best Of Five Mcqs In Acute Medicine
  • Rosen Mcqs
  • Tintinalli Textbook and Tintinalli Mcqs
  • First Aid for Emergency Medicine Board
  • Hippo Notes
  • Hippo Videos

Suggested Questions for Emergency Medicine (Updated):

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Dear doctors, you can add suggested questions and references in your specialty by sending them to the following e-mail: [email protected]