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The General Secretariat of the Jordanian Medical Council, in coordination with the Specialized Scientific Committee for Nephrology, announces the postponement of the (Nephrology) clinical and oral
(Pediatrics Surgery) oral exam had been scheduled on Monday 2/9/2019 Al-Bashir Hospital at (08:00 am) .
The Jordanian Medical Council has announced that no application will be received directly for the Jordanian board exam and any request submitted by mail or through any person will be rejected and will
The Jordanian Medical Council (JMC) celebrated on Thursday 26/10/2017 the graduation of the sixty-ninth generation of the Jordanian Medical Council's certificate in various specialties under the
Within the framework of the Jordanian Medical Council's concerns and its renewed strategies, JMC moving out of Jordan towards the neighboring Arab countries and confirming its role in developing the
The Scientific Committee for the Operative dentistry ( Conservative ) decided to adopt the following clinical and oral exam: ( 3Unit fixed bridge – Preparation , impression 8 Provisional restoration )